Strategic Services

Fractional Product Leadership.

Product Strategy

competitive intel, pricing and go-to-market strategy

Strategic Product Vision

give your team the bigger picture of what they are working on and why

Product Roadmap Development

3-6-12-24 month Theme & Epic level Roadmap for your product

Product Research

everything from scoping out your TAM, SAM, & SOM to secret shopping your competition.

Product Development Processes

from idea to implementation and all the best practices / processes in between

Product Lead Growth & Marketing

exploring growth loops, experiments, distrbution and traditional B2B Growth playbooks

Product Team Build Out

interviewing, hiring, and recruiting product Folks for your organization

Structuring Your Product Org.

organizational development to position your company for the long haul


Tactical Services

Consulting on a per engagement basis.

Product Design

a 3rd party assesment on your product(s) interfaces, experience, and customer journey

Agile Coaching

working directly with your dev team to help them succeed with agile

Evaluating Ideas + Defining MVPs

prioritization frameworks, doing things that do not scale, and defining true MVPs

User Interviews + Customer Development

getting out of the cubicle and talking to actual users

Backlog Priortization

product ownership, priortization, and backlog management for your SCRUM team

Release Management

shipping value to your end users

Requirements Solicitation

user stories, acceptance criteria, data mapping tables and PRDs

Product Metrics

product level data to support future business decisions


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